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Alzental 200mg. 6 tablets

Alzental 200mg. 6 tablets


Alzental (Albendazole) is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic with activity against most nematodes and some cestodes.


Compound :

Each tablet contains:

Albendazole-200 mg


Alzental (Albendazole) is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic with activity against most nematodes and some cestodes. Alzental disrupts the activity of the cytoplasmic microtubular system of cells of the intestinal canal of helminths; changes the course of biochemical processes (suppresses the utilization of glucose), blocks the movement of secretory granules and other organelles in the muscle cells of roundworms, causing their death.
Albendazole is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, unchanged in plasma is not detected, because. quickly turns in the liver into the primary metabolite – albendazole sulfoxide, which has anthelmintic activity. Oral bioavailability is low. 70% binds to plasma protein. Peak plasma concentration occurs 2-5 hours after taking the drug. It has a plasma half-life of about 8-5 hours and is mainly excreted in the bile.


Enterobiasis, ascariasis, hookworm, trichuria, strongyloidiasis, takniosis, capillariasis, neurocysticercosis, trichostrongylosis, hydatid disease (granulosa echinococcus) and filariasis in combination with other anthelmintic drugs.

Method of application and dose:

Enterobiasis, Ascariasis, Hookworm or Trichuriasis:

Adults and children over 2 years old – 400 mg in a single dose

Children under 2 years: 200 mg as a single dose.

The dose can be repeated after 3 weeks.

Teniasis, Strongyloidiasis: 400 mg/day for 3 days.

Capillariasis: 400 mg/day for 10 days.

Neurocysticercosis: 15 mg/kg/day for 30 days.

Trichostrongylosis : single dose 400mg.

Hydatid disease: Patients over 60kg – 400mg twice a day for 28 days followed by a 2 week interval. The dose can be repeated for 2-3 cycles, and if the case is inoperable, then up to 5 cycles. Patients up to 60 kg of body weight: 10-15 mg / kg / day for 28 days.

Filariasis: 400mg with diethylcarbamazine 6mg/kg once, this regimen is given annually for 4-6 years.
Alzental should be taken with food.

Shake suspension well before use.

Precautionary measures:

Patients receiving high doses of Alzental should be under close medical supervision with monitoring of blood counts and liver function.
Drug Interactions: Plasma concentrations of albendazole sulfoxide have been increased with concomitant use of dexamethasone praziquantel or cimitidine.


– hypersensitivity to the drug

– pregnancy

Side effects:

Transient abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.


In a dry cool place at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.


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