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Daflon 1000mg. 30 tablets.

Daflon 1000mg. 30 tablets.


Intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids and vein diseases.

Its active components are purified and crushed flavonoid fractions that narrow the vessels on the venous walls, which gives tone to the veins, preventing them from further stretching. Consequently, venous outflow increases and venous congestion decreases.


Active substances protect the valves of the veins from premature destruction and inflammation. The medicine is able to improve lymphatic drainage, microcirculation. Reduces the movement of active leukocytes, which leads to the removal of inflammation. It relieves soreness, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling, suppresses convulsive manifestations, which are characteristic of venous disease. Effective in the attack of hemorrhoids. Already on the second day, the pain disappears, and the bleeding stops. The tool is able to reduce the risk of possible bleeding after surgery, and reduces the healing time after surgery.

The drug is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of diseases such as:

venous disease, including chronic;



Daflon instructions, how to use Tablets are taken orally, without chewing, drink plenty of liquid. The dosage and duration of the treatment course is set individually by the attending doctor. The duration of therapy depends on individual indicators.


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