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Pommade El Captain Coloquinte 50g

Pommade El Captain Coloquinte 50g


Coloquint ointment is a warming remedy for joint pain, bruises and sprains


Worried about pain in the joints and muscles, gout, muscle cramps?

Anti-inflammatory agent ointment Captain Coloquint  is a warming remedy for joint pain, bruises and sprains. It has a warming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Properties Fresh coloquint reduces the movement of lymphocytes, thus it suppresses the activity of these attacking cells during inflammation. The product is useful for gout and severe arthritis.

Mode of application Rub the balm twice a day with massaging movements in the area of ​​pain localization. In case of bruises or muscle injuries, it should be used immediately after taking a warm bath (to relax the muscles and enhance the effect of exposure). It is recommended to keep the area of ​​the body warm after applying the balm. Apply: 2-4 weeks. If necessary, repeat after a two-week break.


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