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Konoz Sandal Oil. 125ml

Konoz Sandal Oil. 125ml


Essential sandalwood oil is used both in its pure form and in the manufacture of a variety of cosmetics.

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Perfectly fights deep wrinkles even on the skin around the eyes.
Solves the problem of mimic folds.
Nourishes, rejuvenates, restores, refreshes and tones the skin.
Removes sagging and gives a natural color, heals.
Reduces exposure to external stimuli.
Promotes hair growth and strengthening.
It has bright antiseptic properties, fights inflammatory processes, promotes rapid healing of wounds and shallow cuts.
It fights acne and skin inflammation, it is used for allergic dermatitis, itching, redness.
Tightens the skin.
Whitens and cleanses.
Fights a range of fungi and bacteria.
Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.
It is considered an effective remedy for sore throat, cough, SARS, influenza.
Accelerates the processes of blood circulation.
Effective in relieving headaches.
Affects the psycho-emotional state, promotes relaxation and relaxation. Therefore, it is used for insomnia, astheno-depressive syndrome.
Promotes the development of creative abilities.
Considered an aphrodisiac.

Application of sandalwood oil

This oil is recommended to be used in combination with other base or cream bases. In its pure form, it should be applied carefully so as not to get a chemical burn. For a massage, add a few drops to your massage product. To enrich shampoos and conditioners, add 1-2 drops of oil per 10-20 ml of cosmetic product.


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