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Lotus Ostrich Fat. Face and Neck Cream. 120gm

Lotus Ostrich Fat. Face and Neck Cream. 120gm


Anti wrinkles. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.
Anti-ageing. Deep Lines Filler.

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Ostrich Oil
Clove Oil
Pomegranate extract
Sodium Chloride
Propylene Glycol
Sodium Hydroide
Hyaluronic Acid

Intense moisture all day
Reduces wrinkles, deep lines and regenerates the skin.
Stimulate collagen secretion and impitive your skin’s UV protection.
Within 7 days, fine lines are visibly smoothed and the skin regains its natural glow.
Within 4 weeks wrinkles are visible filled in and the skin’s elasticity is increased, giving you regenerated and younger-looking skin.

Directions of use:
Apply to face and neck using fingertips
In small circular moving, use it as a part of your daily face routine. Morning and Night.


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