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Moroccan soap + Kess glove

Moroccan soap + Kess glove


Moroccan Beldi soap was invented by the ancient settlers of Morocco – the Berbers many years ago, but it is still popular and loved by both women and men. Although Beldi is called soap, it is not a traditional soap. It is a deep cleansing and “peeling” treatment that gently cleanses and removes impurities, toxins and dead cells from the skin.



This is the main attribute of a real oriental bath. In addition to helping to remove dead cells, it also has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, while nourishing and caring for the skin. Cleansing the skin with this soap activates blood circulation, opens the pores, the skin breathes and becomes silky. The correct use of soap is a whole ritual, with the help of which you get a unique pleasure. Recommended for all skin types and ages. The soap is enriched with vitamin E. The main result after using black soap as a peeling: dead cells are removed from the skin without disturbing the structure, the pores are deeply cleansed, toxins and excess fat are removed from the skin. All these properties are explained by the composition of the soap. It is the olive oil cake that acts as a peeling and promotes the exfoliation of dead cells, which are easily rolled into rollers with the help of a Kess mitt. Proper black soap does not irritate or dry the skin.


Kessa’s mitten is a pair of beldi soaps. A sweet couple should always work together for the benefit of your skin. The Kess glove is made of a special material (as a rule, viscose is the basis), the loops of which are designed so as not to injure the skin during rubbing. Rub with cassette weekly. This improves the microcirculation of the upper skin layer, gives a healthy look. At hit on a mitten of water – kessa sits down exactly by the size of your hand.

The order of the peeling procedure in the shower, bath, hammam:

At the first stage, warm up the body with water (we recommend steaming the skin in humid air), and spread a small amount of Beldi soap (on the palm of your hand) over the entire body and, if desired, the face (except for the eye area – it stings!). Leave soaped on skin for 3-5 minutes. Listen to music, relax.

At the second stage, be sure to wash off the soap with water, and then rub the skin of the body in a circular motion with the help of a Kess mitten. Particular attention is paid to the following areas of the body: elbows, shoulders, back, heels. Dead skin cells will roll into rollers on the skin, and it is enough just to wash them off with water. The skin becomes unusually soft and smooth, the pores are cleansed. You will feel the same state when the skin breathes..

Soap can be used every day. It is suitable for sensitive skin because it does not contain artificial fragrances and dyes. Beldi black soap is enriched with vitamin E, which helps the skin stay young. Recommended for daily use for washing oily skin (without a mitt). After washing off the soap, special oils can be applied to the skin of the body, which will saturate the cleansed skin with minerals with a high content of vitamin E. According to the traditions of the East, even the aura is cleansed by the ringing of copper bells at the end of the procedure. Beldi black soap is stored for 6 to 12 months from the moment the package is opened. Soap is recommended to be stored tightly closed. From high temperature and humid air, beldi soap can lose consistency and liquefy. And most importantly – enjoy this magical procedure and your skin will thank you!


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