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Nefertiti Coconut Oil. Cold Pressed

Nefertiti Coconut Oil. Cold Pressed


Organic coconut oil has long been known to promote weight loss and regulate metabolism. Almost half of the natural coconut oil is lauric acid.

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Natural Coconut Oil

At low temperatures, coconut oil has a waxy, hard consistency, which is due to the lauric and myristic fatty acids. Once on the skin, coconut oil begins to melt immediately and penetrates the skin very easily. Coconut oil is well absorbed without leaving a greasy residue on the skin. Natural coconut oil preserves skin moisture, as the fatty acids eliminate moisture loss through the pores of the skin, in addition to softening the skin and giving it a fresh and healthy appearance. Use coconut oil after a bath or shower instead of body lotion or cream. This wonderful oil is best applied to moist skin, as this allows it to be absorbed better and faster. Natural coconut oil can easily remove makeup.

Benefits of Natural Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil has long been known to promote weight loss and regulate metabolism. Almost half of the natural coconut oil is lauric acid. It is a substance that also boosts immunity.

Coconut Oil for Slimming

Undiluted natural coconut oil is called “good fat” and is recognized as being beneficial for weight loss and overall health. It helps to burn fat, reduce appetite, and is especially effective for losing belly fat as the substances in coconut oil speed up the metabolism.

Coconut Oil for Skin Health

Coconut oil has many antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties that help prevent ageing of the skin of the face and generally supports its health. For many who have never used natural coconut oil, its various conditions may be confusing. In colder climates, coconut oil can be hard, like cream or even wax. However, in warm temperatures, it persists as a liquid. For facial skin care, place some pure coconut oil, whether solid or liquid, in the palm of your hand, then rub your palms together and apply it to the skin of the desired area.

Coconut Oil for Skin Care

Coconut oil is a wonderful gift for face and body skin. It can be used in place of your regular moisturizing lotion and even as a makeup remover. It reduces flaking and irritation, including the sensitive skin around the eyes. Cosmetologists advise using oil instead of lip balm. Active substances heal cracks, saturate cells with moisture and create a protective barrier against cold, high humidity and temperature changes. Very often, coconut oil is used as a base massage oil, which is also due to its attractive aroma and moisturizing properties. Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer for all skin types, including dry skin.

Coconut Oil for Hair

Regular use of natural coconut oil in the form of a hair mask protects hair from the effects of the environment, chemicals and damage from hot styling. Natural coconut oil coats the hair with a protective film, creating a lamination effect, and preventing further splitting of the hair ends. Women who use organic coconut oil for hair care can boast beautiful, healthy, and lush hair. The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, knew the secret of beauty, and her favorite personal care product was coconut oil. She added donkey milk and coconut oil to her famous baths, and thanks to this, her skin and hair were elastic, soft, and healthy.

Coconut Oil in Cooking

Organic coconut oil is versatile and indispensable in the kitchen. You can use it for baking and frying since it does not burn and is heat stable. Coconut oil perfectly replaces butter. It may be used to prepare different dishes or salads. You can use coconut oil to make a smoothie by mixing mango, banana, pear and several spinach leaves. By adding half a teaspoon of coconut oil per day to your diet, you get additional nutritional supplements and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), which in this form will be well absorbed by your body.

Coconut Oil for Teeth

Rinsing teeth with coconut oil helps maintain gum hygiene, strengthens them, and eliminates bleeding. The use of coconut oil for teeth gives a natural whitening effect.

Coconut Oil for Tanning

Coconut oil has a low sunscreen of around 2-8 SPF, and therefore can afford some protection against incidental sun exposure, however, it cannot replace a high SPF sunscreen for prolonged exposure. Nevertheless, the skin will be much healthier if it is saturated with coconut oil prior to the application of sunscreen, to help moisturize and obtain a nice even bronzed skin tone. After sunbathing it is highly beneficial to use coconut oil to moisturize and soften the skin exposed to the sun and to help preserve the tan. Coconut oil gives the skin a brilliant bronze color and helps to prevent dry skin. With the use of coconut oil, the skin will become silky, smooth and perfectly hydrated.

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