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Mayonnaise for hair restoration Vatika (Vatika). Volume 500 ml

Mayonnaise for hair restoration Vatika (Vatika). Volume 500 ml


Designed for problematic, damaged, chemically treated hair.

Reconstruction and restoration for damaged and colored hair


Honey + castor oil.

Nourishes and moisturizes hair, making it soft and supple. A powerful combination of natural ingredients that nourish the skin, heal hair in a natural way.

The mask is a snow-white color of a very thick consistency! She has an amazing scent! Fresh and grassy-sweet. Very cost effective!

In order to apply the mask to the entire length of the hair, you need quite a bit. With a thick consistency, it applies beautifully and spreads easily. The peculiarity of the mask is that it must be applied before washing, on dry hair along the entire length and left for 3 minutes. During this time, the product really manages to be almost completely absorbed into the hair. Then wash off with ordinary shampoo (it is washed off easily).

Believe me, you won’t need a balm anymore! Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes dry areas of the hair, but does not make the roots greasy. Already after the first application, the hair acquires a noticeable shine, becomes obedient and silky.


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