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Deodorant VEBIX Deo Cream Max 7 Days (variations)

Deodorant VEBIX Deo Cream Max 7 Days (variations)


Vebix Deo Cream Max is a highly effective remedy for excessive sweating, which, thanks to its unique formula, quickly, effectively and for a long time (up to 7 days) eliminates the cause, and not just an unpleasant odor.


Vebix Deo Cream Max prevents sweating by shrinking the sweat glands on the treated areas of the skin, but does not clog them. In total, with a single use (!) It guarantees you dryness for a whole week, and the aroma and dryness will remain even after multiple showers! Universal for all areas of application – suitable for armpits, palms and feet. It is made on the basis of natural ingredients, has no side effects, is absolutely safe and is recommended to everyone; softens and moisturizes the skin, has an antimicrobial effect, does not change the acid-base environment of the skin, does not cause changes in skin color and does not harm it. Leaves no marks on clothes! And this means that he cares not only about your comfort, but also about your wardrobe! Vebix Deo Cream Max is odorless (only a pleasant, light “perfume” background), which means it won’t overpower your favorite perfume.

It is recommended to use it in the evening before going to bed (this is necessary for the product to start working). VEBIX should only be applied to clean and dry skin. Try to give the skin a little rest immediately after shaving, and apply VEBIX after a short amount of time. Discard VEBIX if there are small cuts on the skin, even the smallest ones – this can lead to irritation. There may be a feeling of slight tickling, which is caused by the application of the substance and only. By the way, although it is not written in the instructions, it is better not to overdo it with the quantity. Only 2-3 strokes will be enough for a long-lasting effect. After application, let the skin dry for 2-3 minutes / Volume 10 ml.

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Mystic (Red), Active (Blue), Classic (Green)


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