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El Hawag Natural Oils. Sandal Oil. 125ml

El Hawag Natural Oils. Sandal Oil. 125ml


Sandal oil contains many natural ingredients that beneficial effect on the skin

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Sandal oil is extracted from sandal wood, the height of sandal trunks reaches 810 meters, and the branches are tightly intertwined with the branches of neighboring trees. After cutting down the trees, the yellow-brown core of the tree is allowed to be processed – the production of sandal oil by distillation.


Sandal oil is one of the best known natural ingredients,

used in the production of health and beauty products – cosmetics, perfumes,

creams, toothpastes, etc.


Sandal oil contains many natural ingredients that beneficial effect on the skin, for example, santanol alcohol is suitable for the treatment of all

skin types, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is used to treat acne and blackheads.


• Treatment of eczema, skin cracks and dry skin

• Treatment of acne, skin infections and rashes

• Disinfection of acne and pimples, protection of open wounds and skin lesions from penetration


• Used for infections of the oral cavity, has an astringent effect

Precautionary measures:

When used externally, sandal oil has not shown any side effects, no

causes skin irritation, but increases its elasticity.

Mode of application

Designed for outdoor use

• Apply an appropriate amount of sandalwood oil to inflamed or damaged skin,

rub with light circular massage movements until completely absorbed

• In the treatment of acne, for best results, it is recommended to use twice a day for two weeks

• It is allowed to add oil to other cosmetic products


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