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Nefertiti Bronzing Oil

Nefertiti Bronzing Oil


Composition: Jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, sandalwood oil, essential oils.
Usage: Cosmetic

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Benefits of Natural Bronzing Oil for Face and Body

With a unique formula, our bronzer oil blend will not only preserve the beauty of your skin with a glamorous, vibrant bronze tint, but will also provide your skin with active moisturisers and nutrients. Our bronzing oil blend is loaded with essential ingredients for skin health, such as vitamin E (anti ageing), red musk oil (extra intense bronze color) and jojoba oil (which keeps your skin healthy and moisturises to the deepest layers).

Using our bronzing oil blend stimulates the tanning process and protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. For an intense, dark bronze tone, you need to apply the bronzer oil to your face and all over your body. If you want a lighter bronze tint, it is recommended that you mix the bronzing oil blend with any moisturising lotion or sunscreen.

Natural Bronzing for Skin with Essential Oils

This unique blend of bronzing oils protects your skin from harmful sun rays and provides a rich bronze color to your skin. The blend contains natural essential oils that deeply nourish and moisturise for smoother, more toned skin, whilst ensuring your skin gets a luscious, gorgeous, glowing bronzed tan in just a few days.

How to Use Natural Bronzing Oil

For those with sensitive and very light skin, it is highly recommended to apply the bronzing oil blend to the face and body, wait ten minutes, and then apply a secondary layer of protective SPF lotion or sunscreen.

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